Pre-production is where great commercials are made. You start with loose ideas and inner vision, and by the end you've worked out a precise destination and a clear path to get there. I love getting elbow-deep in the process with clients and creative partners. The right character, setting, imagery, structure and style are the tools we have to tell an engaging story. When it's time to shoot, we're prepped and ready to bring a well-developed vision to life.

I start each project with a mood board, which leads to my director’s treatment, and culminates in a storyboard for each camera setup. See below for samples of pre-production documentation.



Uncle Vic




DIY Scuba




In The Cards




Pet World

Mood Board


Director's Statement (from Press Kit)

Radio Interview


Other Work

In addition to narrative directing, I have an extensive portfolio of visual work. I include some of it here to show some history of the styles I've explored on various client and personal projects.


Motion Design Reel

I worked in NYC as a motion graphics designer, and I found that motion work really varies among projects. Sometimes you're working with a team of animators on one small transition, and other times you're designing the entire look from start to finish. I liked to explore emerging techniques and worked with a variety of brands including: Intel, FUSE tv, Discovery, College Humor and others.



Austin synth-duo, Flatliner, wanted a retro futuristic look for the release of their first music video and album. I used the band's logo to create an animated intro and followed those lines down a glitchy "Blasted Highway". The video garnered some attention from VICE's Noisey and The Deli Magazine.



Back to school time is new computer time for college students and young professionals. I was hired as an agency art director for a Dell product walk-through video. Absent a formal director on this shoot, my role was taking the creative lead on storyboards, shot lists, reference imagery and post-production screen imagery. I also worked with the producer on casting and acting performance for the actors and voice over talent.


Treatise of Human Nature

My student film is admittedly rough around the edges, but I include it because after all these years, it still represents the things I love in film – unexpected characters, vivid imagery, and the collision of the psychological and the sensory.